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The Hackathon is series of web training sessions and open Q&A sessions on Autodesk Fusion 360 API running from September 23rd 2015 to October 30th 2015. During the sessions, Publishers will have the opportunity to receive help in real-time from the Autodesk Developer Network team and the Fusion API engineering team. These training events will help you get familiar with Fusion 360 and its API and include open Q&A sessions where you can get personalized help and participate in open discussions.

The training webinars will be helpful and social – a mix of chat sessions, live Q&A sessions, and if needed, private one-on-one meetings with our specialists. You’ll meet other Publishers “virtually” and learn from their questions too.

Whether you have an app in mind or not, and even if you complete your apps after the Hackathon this is a great event and opportunity to learn how to easily develop and publish your first Fusion 360 app. You’ll get to know the Autodesk Engineering team better too!

Note that all sessions start at 8:00 PST and will generally be 60 or 90 minutes. Sessions are being recorded. Check the Autodesk DevTv YouTube channel and this page for recordings.  It is advised that you attend the sessions live when possible for the best learning experience and access to live Q&A.

The specific topics covered in each session are subject to change based on feedback received from participants.  Q&A time will be allocated after every session.



Fusion 360 online hackathon session 3: Introduction to the Fusion Object Model
Fusion 360 online hackathon session 4: Command and UI

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